no faith in the heathster
evyerone on the whole earth


william strts talkin abt space nd marvel comix and Doctor who and stuf btu its like .hav we ever even read a comic b4 willianm 




i present you a picture of dave and female dave getting a ride from darth vader

And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.

hwy did i call Bard bard? hyomestuck
iam constantLy hearign voices annd i feel annoyinh when i talk abt it btu then Bard islike why do yu care .adn im like idk broe

ellen: sttarts eating food 

link: Put oN our headphones ptu them ON LOUIS

me:     .Good mornig linkie

thyeres this fuking !Moth holyyy sHIT ok brbb


i fumking! Hatee juliet .stpo trying to front